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Do Chiropractors Help Patients With Headaches?

This seems like an easy question to answer, doesn’t it? The answer of course being, YES!!! However, there are many people who suffer with headaches who have never been to a chiropractor or have not even ever considered it as a “good option.” So, rather than having me “reassure you” that chiropractic works GREAT for [..]

What Are Cervicogenic Headaches?

Headaches are a very common problem that can have multiple causes ranging from stress to trauma.  To make matters worse, there are MANY different types of headaches. One such type is the “cervicogenic headache” (others include migraines, cluster headaches, etc.). The main distinction between the symptoms associated with cervicogenic headaches and those associated with migraine [..]

How Does Chiropractic Help Headaches?

Headaches are one of the most common reasons people seek chiropractic care. Many patients with headaches benefit significantly from adjustments made to the upper cervical region. So, the question is, how does adjusting the neck help headaches? To help answer this question, let’s look at a 2011 study that examined this exact issue… It’s been [..]

Neck Pain & Headaches & The "Power of Placebo"

We have all heard about the "placebo effect" and the "power of positive thinking." A placebo, according to Wikipedia, is "…a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to deceive the recipient." When a placebo is used, it will sometimes have a perceived beneficial effect. When this occurs, [..]

Headaches, Neck Pain, and Concussion

A concussion is "traumatic brain injury" (TBI) where the brain is "jarred" and literally bruises as a result of some sort of trauma. What causes a concussion? Causation is usually from some sort of trauma either by being hit by a moving object (like a ball), from hitting the head during a fall, and even [..]

Do Chronic Sinus Problems Cause Headaches?

Many of us have had sinus-related headaches, right? You know, these are the headaches that hurt over the sinuses (above the eyes or in the cheek bones next to your nose) and when you blow your nose, it’s not pretty! Sinus infections often lead to sinus headaches – wouldn’t you say that’s a true statement?A [..]

Side Effects of Chiropractic vs. Medications for Headaches

Have you ever stopped and wondered, "…which type of doctor should I go to for treatment of my headaches?" In order to make an informed decision, it is appropriate to look at the side effects each treatment option carries and then consider the pros and cons of each treatment. It has been reported that 45 [..]

Headaches & Chiropractic Treatment

We are often asked, "What can chiropractors do for headaches?" To answer this question, let’s look at what a patient might expect when seek chiropractic care for their headaches. Previously, we reviewed the differences between tension-type headaches, migraine headaches, and dangerous types of headaches. The patient history and examination will focus on differentiating between these [..]

Dangerous Headaches

This article will address the topic of dangerous headaches. To keep this in perspective, most headaches are NOT dangerous. In fact, tension-type headaches and migraines are very common and remain the focus of most healthcare providers and patients who suffer from headaches. With that said, it’s important to discuss the signs and symptoms that might [..]

Tension-Type Headaches

At some point, everyone will have a headache, whether it’s caused by stress, lack of sleep, hormones, or even self-induced after having way too much fun the night before! For the most part, headaches are not indicative of a dangerous underlying condition, but they can be (…a topic for a future article). The focus of [..]